Key Values

There are a number of key values that guide the Foundation's work and programs drawn from its philosophy. These can be expressed as:

  1. An Ideal of Service
  2. The Pursuit of Peace
  3. Learning from Spiritual Traditions
  4. Community Centred Living
  5. Understanding Healthy Lifestyle

An Ideal of Service


Within the Foundation, we aim to be of service to others and further the welfare of humanity. Our efforts are expressed in very practical, day-to-day activities and also through developing programs in health and education that disseminate valuable principles of living, making them available to all who search for personal development, cultural enrichment, social harmony and health.

The Pursuit of Peace


Central to the Foundation’s values is the idea of working toward Peace on an individual and community level. On an individual level, there is an aspiration towards inner calm and tranquillity which provides people with a capacity to manage the pressures and stresses of modern life. Inner peace gives the individual a capacity to love and a connection to the beauty of the soul. On a community level, the pursuit of peace is about making the world a better place by addressing needs within our own community.

Learning from spiritual traditions


We, at the Foundation, seek to develop self-knowledge and an understanding of our relationship to our total environment - spiritual, moral, mental and physical. This endeavour is assisted through drawing on the knowledge and wisdom of all philosophies, cultural traditions and religions from both East and West so as to distil principles of living relevant and necessary to our individual progress.

Community Centred Living


We believe in living and working together in the spirit of cooperation. It is possible to achieve far more if we can work together rather than acting individually or in competition. The Foundation community has no formal membership process, and people are free to be involved as they wish. People in our community do not have to live in the same location. They could be living anywhere in the world but share similar values and aspirations.

Participants share an interest in education, natural health and environmental responsibility. We are greatly helped by the goodwill of those who believe in the Foundation's aims. Many people who have benefited from the Foundation's work have in turn taken opportunities to support the work through offering their time or resources.

Understanding Healthy Lifestyle


We are interested in understanding and promoting positive approaches in health. These relate to lifestyle habits, attitudes of thinking, nutrition and diet. A total approach to healthy living has to be an integrated one without contradictions of one element against another. We recognise the need forgenuine and balanced guidance as well as the support of others to maintain and build a healthy lifestyle.

Nurturing Spiritual Growth, Health, Education and Peace

Credit: Quotes from "PEACE A Way of Living"

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