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The School was established as a working model based on the principles of Total Education.  Vijayadev Yogendra outlined the principles of Total Education in several publications, educational symposia, seminars and workshops, and finally in conducting a teacher development program for the first teachers of the School. He continued to be involved in the training of the teachers until his retirement in 1998. The School now has a separate Governing Council, but the Foundation continues to take an active interest in the School's development and  preserves original material from  conferences and seminars, and publishes books about Total Education.

The School aims to develop a child's full potential. Excellent academic results have been obtained and graduates are confident people with a strong sense of self direction. The school fosters values of self-reliance, service, kindness and acceptance which enable a child to fit in and to make a contribution to society. The educational philosphy thus achieves what it was envisaged to do, namely, to create good citizens with a positive outlook on life who can express their innate talents and goodness.

Children educated at the School of Total Education grow into young people with a capacity for reflection, self-expression, compassion and the confidence to take action to make their community a better place to live. The teachers work at being positive role models and at developing the capacity to love each child. These  enable them to help children see how positive values such as patience, consistency and responsibility can help them manage the personal issues that confront them and to develop emotional stability, resilience and moral integrity.

"Most people would like to see an educational methodology that really educates and brings out the best in human beings: talent, capacities, understanding and personal value judgments which allow the community to find peace, happiness, tolerance and love."
Vijayadev Yogendra

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Credit: Quotes from "PEACE A Way of Living"

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