Essays on Personal Development

These are a selection of writings on self-development that we hope will offer you some inspiration in your own journey. We also have some lovely quotes you might like. From time to time further articles will be made available for you to download.

A Heritage of Dignity

In this article, Vijayadev Yogendra poses the question of what our society would be like if we could integrate the wisdom of traditional cultures into our modern one.

He writes "It is our hope that, somehow, the dignity and stature of the natural man may be restored and learnt from. Peoples such the Aborigines have, through their elders and wise men, developed a lore full of wisdom and understanding, a tradition which has great relevance to the cultural and spiritual evolution of man."

Understanding Children

This chapter from the book Parenting for Everyone by Vijayadev Yogendra raises many of the key issues involved in forming a close bond with our children and being able to provide them with the guidance they need to blossom. Like in all of his works, Vijjay writes with directness and clarity from experience rather than an intellectual perspective. This makes the principles he outlines easy to understand and practice in the challenging role of parenting.

Vijayadev Yogendra's Contribution to Education

This article is part of a chapter from the book Values Education. It gives an insight into the broad influence Vijay had on educational thinking in Australia and the breadth of work he undertook to create dialogue with educators nationally and internationally.

Freedom of Choice

by Dr Hiroshi Takashima

Dr Takashima is one of the founders of ‘logotherapy’ – a form of psychotherapy that emphasizes the search for and creation of meaning in the individual's life.

This article explores the idea of choice in forming character.


by Andre Sollier

Andre Sollier was a sumi-e artist whose beautiful, free-flowing works hang in galleries around the world.

This article explores the role of discipline and suffering in spiritual life.

Nurturing Spiritual Growth, Health, Education and Peace

Credit: Quotes from "PEACE A Way of Living"

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