Ruth Power

Ruth Power

BA Psych.

Ruth began her involvement with the Foundation in the late ‘70s through the Yoga Education Centre in Melbourne. She gained valuable experience and confidence through her practical involvements with the Melbourne School of Total Education and the Foundation’s Young Group. After graduating with a BA (Psych) Ruth worked for 8 years in the operations department of the Brumby’s Bakery chain, a business set up to support the SOTE and Foundation work.

After moving to Warwick, Qld in 1989 Ruth continues to support the work of the Warwick school and THEF in whatever way she can. Since 2009 Ruth has had the role of director of Warwick Peace Festival. Ruth has a growing conviction and understanding of the positive factors that contribute to people’s health and well-being and sees the value in positive, creative involvements and the need for greater understanding of how to practice love and care.


Nurturing Spiritual Growth, Health, Education and Peace

Credit: Quotes from "PEACE A Way of Living"

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