About the Organisation

Founder Vijayadev Yogendra
Beginnings Voluntary association in 1970 becoming a company limited by guarantee in 1975.
Status Corporation under the Corporations Act
Charitable status under Income Tax Assessment Act
Board members Alex Gudkovs - Ex officio
Patrick Hannon - Director
Shane Power - Director
Jan Gudkovs - Director (Chair)
Mark Cary - Director
Ruth Power - Director


T.H.E. Foundation is essentially a group of like-minded people working together to serve the community through various avenues of involvement. The overall responsibility is taken by the Board whose members currently are:

Alex Gudkovs

BA MA Llb.

Alex found inspiration in Vijayadev Yogendra’s teaching, and keenly involved himself with the work of the Foundation from its early years. Though trained in law and philosophy, he engaged with the practical aspects of the work, learning much about himself and others in this process. This simple involvement in service, with the guidance Vijay gave, and with an attitude of humility, taught more than reading a library of books could have done. Alex believes that the Foundation’s strength lies in the commitment of its members to giving without seeking reward.


Patrick Hannon

Patrick has been involved with the Total Health and Education Foundation since 1975 after listening to an inspiring talk given by Vijay Yogendra at Monash University. After studying Engineering and Business studies Patrick started several Technology businesses in the field of Environmental Protection. One business grew to the size that it was taken over by a large Multi National company from the US. The aim of the businesses was to provide assistance to the work of the THEF and to provide employment for the town of Warwick. Patrick is also a member of the School Governing Council and is able to contribute to the work of the organisation through his Business and Management skills.


Shane Power

A practicing lawyer and company administrator for over 25 years, Shane Power currently works as Principal of The School of Total Education, a position he took up in 2012. He became involved in the Foundation's activities in the early 1980's, working with other members in whatever capacity was needed, an approach he still adopts today. Weekends will find him in the orchard on the Foundations farm or in the various other Foundation projects. Shane is married with two children, one of whom has graduated from the School of Total Education and is studying at Queensland University of Technology and the other who is currently a student at the School.


Jan Gudkovs


Jan Gudkovs has been interested from her teens in improving education and in assisting people to find peace and happiness. As a psychologist she has had extensive experience in helping people overcome depression, anxiety and stress and in guiding their personal development. Her own path for personal growth has been through the practice of Yoga for over four decades. She has directed the Warwick Peace Festival, co-ordinated the Parents’ Program at the School of Total Education and directed Healthy Living Programs for the Foundation. She has also co-authored the book “The Focused Child” which assists parents and teachers to develop concentration in children. 


Mark Cary

B.A, Dip.Soc.Sc, M. Litt, MAPS

Mark was first acquainted with the work of Vijay Yogendra while a student at Queensland University in the mid 1970’s. He was interested in the different traditions of personal development and how these could contribute to community wellbeing. He became involved in the study of yoga and has been a supporter of the Foundations activities ever since his undergraduate days. Mark is a Counselling Psychologist who has worked in a variety of social and community welfare organisations for over 23 years. His areas of work and specialty have been in adolescent mental health, child protection and the support of young people with a disability.


Ruth Power

BA Psych.

Ruth began her involvement with the Foundation in the late ‘70s through the Yoga Education Centre in Melbourne. She gained valuable experience and confidence through her practical involvements with the Melbourne School of Total Education and the Foundation’s Young Group. After graduating with a BA (Psych) Ruth worked for 8 years in the operations department of the Brumby’s Bakery chain, a business set up to support the SOTE and Foundation work. After moving to Warwick, Qld in 1989 Ruth continues to support the work of the Warwick school and THEF in whatever way she can. Since 2009 Ruth has had the role of director of Warwick Peace Festival. Ruth has a growing conviction and understanding of the positive factors that contribute to people’s health and well-being and sees the value in positive, creative involvements and the need for greater understanding of how to practice love and care.