About the Organisation

Founder Vijayadev Yogendra
Beginnings Voluntary association in 1970 becoming a company limited by guarantee in 1975.
Status Corporation under the Corporations Act
Charitable status under Income Tax Assessment Act
Board members Alex Gudkovs - Director
Kerry Bone - Director
Shane Power - Director
Mark Cary - Director
Ruth Power - Director


T.H.E. Foundation is essentially a group of like-minded people working together to serve the community through various avenues of involvement. The overall responsibility is taken by the Board whose members currently are:

Email and Web

e: info@thefoundation.org.au
w: http://www.thefoundation.org.au/

Postal Address

T.H.E. Foundation
14 Freestone Rd
Warwick Queensland

Telephone and Fax

t: 07 4661 3340
t: +61 7 4661 3340 (international)
f: 07 4667 1333
f: +61 7 4667 1333 (international)


w: http://www.sote.qld.edu.au/
w: http://www.centreforhealthyliving.com.au/

Nurturing Spiritual Growth, Health, Education and Peace

Credit: Quotes from "PEACE A Way of Living"

Contact us

14 Freestone Road, Warwick
Phone: 617 4661 3340
Fax: 617 4667 1333