Institute of Total Education

The Institute of Total Education supports the development of holistic systems of education within schools through the personal and professional development of teachers and facilitating the engagement of both parents and students.  The core elements of the Institute's Programs are applicable in any school setting and are based on a number of key principles that can have a transformative effect on school culture.

In the Institute of Total Education courses teachers can gain a deeper understanding of themselves and how to manage the pressures of teaching, as well as how to guide a child’'s development in a more total way.

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The overriding concern of the institute is to develop teachers who inspire their students through their love and personal example.

“"One can see that the development of the teacher as a person who can exert an influence upon their students and bring the best out of them, like a gardener brings the blossom out of their plants, is such a vital factor in education that one should not allow it to be overlooked. One should not misplace the emphasis and belittle the teacher's role. The teacher's role is the most extraordinary one in the relationship of education and society. Preparation of a teacher in our present-day education system needs to be reviewed and must take precedence as vital to a nation's growth.”"
Vijayadev Yogendra.