Brain Music

adorable boy child 2234143 2Last week,  a participant in a Pain Management Group I run bounded into the room looking and feeling so much better. Asked why, he said, "Last week's session! The music is so helpful." He was referring to music which aims to restore rhythms in the brain's Default Mode Network (DMN) to normal. This music is freely available on YouTube.

The Default Mode Network (DMN) consists of several different regions of the brain. The DMN is a resting state network and is most active when the person is relaxed, awake and not task oriented. It is responsible for introspection, creativity and self-identity. For these reasons, it is worth introducing children to the soothing sounds that capture the brain's activity and harmonize it to the resting state of slow, rhythmic electrical waves. DMN music can help with stress, sleep problems and pain. A great deal of music is helpful for these conditions - a headache can be relieved by listening to any music you find relaxing and pleasurable. DMN music takes things a step further in entraining the brain's rhythms through specific frequencies which capture and reset the brain’s natural rhythms.