Symposia and Conferences

The Foundation promotes an understanding of a range of alternative medical systems including, Ayurveda, and traditional Chinese medicine as well as the psychological and spiritual dimensions of illness and recovery.

In the educational arena, the Foundation organizes a number of symposia addressing the question of what a total education would look like - seeking an understanding of the needs of the child and how these could be met.

More recently, the Foundation's has organised a number of activities to promote peace.

The key Symposia have been:

  • Inaugural Congress Monash University, 1970
  • Education for Living Symposium: Monash University, 1970
  • Victorian Conference of Religions for Peace University of Melbourne, 1970
  • Idealism vs Realism Symposium Shoreham, 1973
  • On the Philosophy of Life Symposium Monash University, March 1974
  • Focus on Spirituality Symposium: University of Melbourne, 1974
  • Towards Complete Guidance Symposium: University of Melbourne, February 1975
  • Guidelines for Living Symposium: Monash University, 1975
  • Guidelines for Healthy Living Symposium: Monash University, 1978
  • Mind-Made Disease Congress: National Science Centre and Monash University, 1978
  • The Need for Total Education Symposium: Monash University, 1979
  • Assessing the Future Symposium: Monash University, 1980
  • Mind-Made Health Congress: University of Southern Queensland, 1982
  • Focus on Education: What Lies Ahead? Symposium: University of Melbourne, 1983
  • The Future Child: It's Health and Education Congress: Griffith University, 1985
  • Good Parenting: The Urgent Need Symposium: Griffith University, August, 1989
  • Pathways to Peace Symposium and Cultural Program Griffith University, September 2003