The founder of the Foundation.

Vijay smilingVijayadev Yogendra(Vijay) was a yogi, educationalist, author and poet. His early life was spent in India and neighbouring regions. He had exceptional opportunities for exposure to great thinkers of both East and West through scholars and scientists who visited his widely revered father, Shri Yogendra (who in 1918 founded the Yoga Institute), as well as through his own extensive travels.

Vijay made a vigorous study of the world's educational, philosophical and cultural traditions. After settling in Australia in 1964, he began implementing practical measures to improve modern living and founded the Total Health and Education Foundation in 1970.

Through Vijay's lectures, books, other publications and personal involvement, over 150,000 people from all walks of life, from universities to prisons, business people to psychiatrists, teachers to carpenters have benefited. He was also instrumental in encouraging the establishment of a number of commercial enterprises which contributed funding for the health and education activities.

In 1998, Vijay retired from active involvement in the Total Health and Education Foundation and passed away in 2005. Vijay's influence remains palpable amongst those who knew and worked with him and who want to see this vision passed on to new a new generation of people who can work together to sustain an ideal.

By his tireless work in Australia, Vijay quietly gained widespread community respect. All of his work and writings are based on one belief — that each individual has the capacity to rise above ignorance, selfishness and ill-health through his or her own efforts.

The Foundation has been motivated and championed by many people, Vijay being at the helm and inspiring the growth of the many programs currently in operation. After Vijay's passing in 2005, his work has been continued by others motivated by the desire to make a positive change in our world.