Guest Scholar Program

A unique feature of the Foundation has been the training program for its workers. Vijay exposed the Foundation's members to a range of therapeutic, cultural and faith traditions. This experience broadened their vision and understanding of the common values and principles underlying diverse ways of serving humanity. The guest scholars were:

  • Pandit Shiv Sharma - spoke on Ayurveda and on Psychosomatics in Practice at the Mind-made Disease Congress.
  • Professor Nikunja Banerjee - emeritus Professor of Philosophy at Delhi University.
  • Professor S.S. Desnavi - President of the Islamic Study Association, Pakistan.
  • Dr. Jayadev Yogendra - formerly Principal of the Teacher Training Academy at the world-renowned Yoga Institute in Mumbai, India, and now Head of the Institute.
  • Rev Dr Ian Parsons - Chaplain at La Trobe University.
  • Dr Frank Graham - Eminent Australian psychoanalyst.
  • Kavi Yogi Shuddhananda Bharati - Indian Yoga authority.
  • Dr Leon Hammer - psychoanalyst and Traditional Chinese Medicine authority.
  • Dr Hiroshi Takashima - co-developer of Logotherapy, and Director of the Department of Nöo-Psychosomatic Medicine   Read Dr Takashima's article on "Freedom of Choice"