Forums and Seminars

Over the course of the last four decades the Foundation has run nearly three hundred lectures, seminars and forums dealing with various aspects of education, health and personal development.

  • Training Programs for Medical and Allied Health Practitioners
    • Forums on Counselling and Drug Addiction
    • Herbal Medicine Seminars
    • Seminars for professionals working with allergies: "Allergy Diagnostic Testing and Treatment Techniques"
    • Professional Development Programs for Doctors
    • Enhancing the Immune System
    • Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Massage
  • Public Seminar Program
    • Education for Living
    • Is Business Meeting Human Needs?
    • The Need for a Philosophy of Living
    • The Meaning in Marriage and Family Life
    • Can an Affluent Society Make a Young Person Happy?
    • Non-Materialistic Values and Education
    • What Can We Learn from the Aborigine?
    • The Basis of Human Relationships
    • The Sick Species
    • The Media and Morality: A Personal View
    • Learning in the Home Environment
    • The Meaning of Self-Development.
    • People, Drugs and Society.
    • Marriage as an Instrument of Personal Growth
  • Preventive Health Workshops
    • Mind-Made Health
    • Stress, Disease and the Family
    • Finding Meaning through Illness
    • Keeping Healthy in a Sick Society
    • How to Stop feeling So Awful So Often
    • How Herbs Can Improve Your Health
    • Treating the Immune System with Herbs
  • Public Forum: "Allergies, The Environment and You"
  • Parents Seminars

Cheri at community dialogue

Cheri Yavu-Kama-Harathunian is the Co-Ordinator of the Nulloo Yumbah Learning Spirituality and Research Centre Central Queensland University Bundaberg  speaks at a Peace Festival Dialogue on “Understanding Lores” from a spiritual, cultural and personal perspective


Stewart Hill at students forum

Stuart Hill Foundation Chair and Head of Program in Social Ecology, School of Education, University of Western Sydney Values for Sustainable Living addressing a Schools Forum on  “Making a Sustainable Future a Reality”


Satish Kumar At lectern

Satish Kumar – International sustainability and peace leader addressed a Public Lecture on Environment, Peace, Spirituality


Ordinary blokes

The speakers at a Forum “Ordinary Blokes Finding Peace were Andrew Borrell (principal research scientist at the DPI near Warwick); Clive Duffy (family and individual counsellor from Brisbane) and Chris Clayton (local karate teacher).