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Are you a parent raising teenage sons, a teacher looking for resources for values education, a guy seeking ways to manage anger or someone looking for inspiration for your own prsonal growth? These are personal accounts of how three men incorporated peace in their own lives - told with humour, humility and no nonsense they provide insights from personal experience about the stages of a man's life on the journey to finding greater peace.This seminar did not rely on experts to discuss the concept of peace....,

On : Anger and Love

Anger can only generate more anger, like love can only generate more love. The only way that anger can be extinguished is by following and practising the opposite of anger, and I mean really practising it – namely forgiveness, tolerance and love.

Forgiveness is only forgiveness when the unforgivable is forgiven, tolerance is only tolerance when the intolerable is tolerated, and loving is only loving when the unloved is loved. 

From Overcoming Anger
Vijayadev Yogendra, 2000.